harmonizing modern living with nature's simplicity

Sustainable Living

We go beyond construction by implementing sustainable practices in every aspect of our operation. Our gardens feature organic produce, and rainwater harvesting ensures a low environmental impact. Composting and recycling are integral to our waste management strategy, reducing our carbon footprint and contributing to a circular economy.

natural integration

Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature without sacrificing modern comforts, Experiencing River breeze while relaxing breathtaking views, allowing natural light to flood the living spaces. Open floor plans and green roofs contribute to the seamless integration of our BarnHouse into their natural surroundings.


Caprine Companions: Our pet goats, in diverse species with distinct personalities, bring boundless joy to the farm. From playful kids to wise elders, our goats are part of the family. Whether you’re looking for a curious and mischievous addition or a calm and affectionate friend, our goat family has something for everyone

Feathered Friends: Our chickens are more than just egg-layers; they are feathered confidantes. Roaming freely in their spacious coops and scratching in the sunlit pastures, our chickens lead a happy life, producing fresh and nutritious eggs. Choose from a variety of breeds, each with its own charm and egg-laying prowess

Experience Tranquil Luxury

Discover the tranquillity of a retreat that values both your well-being and the health of the planet. Whether you’re seeking a weekend getaway or a permanent eco-home, KOKKARAKKO ‘s Eco-Friendly Barnhouse Retreat offers a haven where sustainable living and modern comfort. Join us on a journey where every choice makes a positive impact. Your sanctuary awaits, where eco-conscious living meets the charm of a barn-inspired home

Our Facility Charges

Price: 90, 000 LKR

Price: 75,000 LKR

Price: 55,000 LKR

Price: 30,000 LKR


  • Paddle boat
  • Dock fishing
  • Board games
  • Hammock
  • BBQ facility
  • Bonfire
  • Provision for Cricket, Volleyball and outdoor games
  • Animal Petting & feeding
  • Fresh coconut & Goat milk to Welcome guests